Give you more protection in this difficult time.

Protection Bundle Kit consists of
ONE (1) foam face shield kit
FIVE (5) N95 face masks

Our reusable Foam Face Shield is designed for a trying time like this. (NOT a replacement or a substitute for N95 face masks though) While a face mask only covers the nose and mouth but not eyes, the face shield would provide another layer of facial, frontal protection to slow infection. In the event where a face mask is unavailable, using this full face shield would be beneficial. It creates a barrier comfortably for self-protection and for others.

Product Features:

  1. Easy to wear and remove.
  2. A full face shield would provide individuals with full facial frontal protection while interacting with public.
  3. Face shield covers both eyes that otherwise are vulnerable with only face mask.
  4. Using the face shield would extend the life and reusability of the N95 face mask
  5. Prevent wearer from making unintentional contact with the face.
  6. Can be wiped cleaned outside and inside with anti-viral wipes at the end of the day and be worn again the next day.

About N95 face masks
1) Five layers of protection in each mask
2) Comfortable to wear
3) Virus filtering


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