CR-39 Standard Plastic: Excellent optics, free with all prescription eyewear on Frame of Choice.

Polycarbonate: Superior impact resistance, thin and lightweight, 100% UV protection.

Blue-Light Blocking: Polycarbonate lenses that block blue light from digital devices to reduce eye strain.

Trivex: Super impact resistance, thin and lightweight, 100% UV protection, scratch resistant. 

High Index: Thin and lightweight, 100% UV protection. Higher index = thinner lenses: helpful for stronger prescriptions.


Clear: All-day, transparent eyeglass lenses. 

Non-Polarized Sun Lenses: Low-cost tinted lenses with UV protection for everyday use. Reduces eye strain in bright conditions, compatible with screens. Available in Gray and Brown.

Polarized Sun Lenses: UV protection, superior visual clarity in bright and shady conditions, reduces eye strain and glare. May not be compatible with some LCD displays. Available in Gray, Brown, and G15 (Green/Gray).

Transition Lenses: Lenses that darken outdoors and return to clear indoors. Available in Gray and Brown.


All lenses come with the option of anti-reflective (AR) coating. AR coating decreases reflective light, making the lenses virtually invisible. Along with aesthetic benefits, AR coating also enhances visual acuity and reduces eye strain by allowing more light to pass through the lens and into your eyes. 

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