Clarity Beneath the Surface 

Precision Prescription Eyewear for Commercial Divers
- Perfectly Compatible with Most Surface Supply Helmets and SCUBA Masks

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Revolutionizing Underwater Vision with MaskOptix

MaskOptix eyewear is specially designed for commercial and recreational divers who demand safety, precision, efficiency and comfort in extreme and hostile environments. MaskOptix prescription lenses provide clear vision and eye protection both under water and above water. The stainless steel frames are crafted to integrate with surface supply and underwater breathing apparatus without compromising the critical seal.

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Vision & Clarity

​Experience unmatched visual acuity with frames and lenses designed for optimal vision and wide peripheral field of view, both under and above water. Lens designs include bi-focal and progressive plus thin and high-index lenses for high prescriptions. MaskOptix lenses can be ordered with anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings. Polarized lenses will cut glare, and photochromic lenses darken when exposed to bright lights under water or sunshine above.

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Enjoy a comfortable and secure fit that keeps the seal intact with the convenience of easy wearability. MaskOptix eyeglasses clear the nasal cover under under most full-face, half-face masks, and helmets. Divers benefit from continuous visual acuity while transitioning between donning and removing the mask.


In this image, our boat captain wears gray photochromic lenses in his MaskOptix. Photochromic glasses adapt to changing light conditions, providing convenience and eye protection by darkening outdoors and clearing indoors. No need for special sunglasses or clip-ons! 

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MaskOptix frames are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Spring hinges provide greater flexibility and minimal damage in the event of accidental pressure to the frame. The rubberized cable earpiece wraps to the ear for a secure fit that never needs adjusting. Our patented innovative design allows the eyeglasses to fit inside the visor while hugging comfortably around the skull to maintain the seal. The unique brow bar construction allows the lenses to maintain correct profile, regardless of the wearer’s head and facial geometry, for best optical performance.

MaskOptix Features & Benefits 

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US Patent Assurance of Authenticity

US Patent # 8454155
US Patent # 8770740
US Patent # D640733

MaskOptix is the proud holder of three US Patents, our unique design sets the standard in advanced eyewear solutions that fit inside face masks without breaking the seal.

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