Vision Under Fire

Introducing the first eyeglasses engineered for heroes
– compatible with your SCBA mask


Battle-Tested Vision

Prepare to be inspired by the knowledge and expertise of our distinguished webinar speaker.

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SCBA Compatible: Designed to fit seamlessly with your mask, no more fumbling in the heat of the moment.

Everyday Versatility: From the fireground to downtime, glasses that adapt to your lifestyle.

Heat-Resistant Frames: Built to withstand extreme temperatures, because we know 'it's getting hot' isn't just a figure of speech.

Anti-Fog Technology: Clear vision, regardless of 'the steam' you're walking into

Revolutionizing Firefighting Vision with MaskOptix

Our prescription eyewear is uniquely engineered for firefighters who prioritize safety, precision, efficiency, and comfort in the most demanding and hazardous conditions. Our frames are expertly designed to integrate flawlessly with SCBA masks and other firefighting gear. Our lenses provide unparalleled vision and eye protection, ensuring clarity and safety both in the heart of the blaze and beyond.

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MaskOptix features & Benefits

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US Patent # 8454155
US Patent # 8770740
US Patent # D640733

MaskOptix is the proud holder of three US Patents, our unique design sets the standard in advanced eyewear solutions that fit inside face masks without breaking the seal.

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